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Original title: This is the "mini version" of Wei Dongyi, a 5-year-old child who loves learning advanced mathematics and can read it once. Learning has started from our school days, and we have to go through the rest of our life with learning. It can be said that learning ability flaunts a person's ability to survive. Some children are born with great talent in learning, and these children are generally called prodigies, but the real prodigies are very few. Recently, a child prodigy has been exposed on the Internet. It is said that he can learn advanced math problems quickly in a short time. Is this true? Wei Dongyi was like this when he was a child, right? 5-Year-Old Boy Is Gifted, He can Learn Advanced Mathematics Once People familiar with Tsinghua University and Peking University must have heard of the famous name of Wei Dongyi. Wei Dongyi is a math teacher in Beijing. He is also recognized as a math genius. He is so young, but he has such extraordinary achievements. So when we talk about child prodigy, if it comes to the field of mathematics, we will definitely compare it with Wei Dongyi. The child prodigy who has recently become popular on the Internet is a very good example of mathematical performance. According to the mother of the child prodigy, the child is full of interest in learning from an early age, literacy is also very early, very fast,seamstress measuring tape, almost no need for her mother to teach, as long as she guides herself to continue learning with interest. But his more powerful talent is in mathematics. This five-year-old child can basically learn and do it correctly after reading the advanced mathematics problems once. It is estimated that many college students do not have such ability. Expand the full text So in terms of mathematical ability, this child is really gifted, and he is only five years old, so it is also joked that maybe Wei Dongyi was like this when he was a child. Maybe this is a mini version of Teacher Wei. If a child can be discovered at an early age in mathematics or other subjects, it will be a very lucky thing,large print tape measure, because parents can start to cultivate their children in this area as early as possible. Now we all like differentiated talents. On the basis of comprehensive development, if a talent has his own expertise, he will be more popular and more useful in society. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate specialty, and it is also important to discover talent sooner or later. Even if our child is not a child prodigy, but a student of ordinary ability, we should cultivate his expertise as soon as possible. Today, let's take an example from the field of mathematics to talk about it in detail. How should students who are gifted in mathematics from an early age be trained to be effective? How to judge a student's talent for mathematics from childhood, mainly from the following aspects, first of all, mini tape measure ,bra tape measure, it depends on personal interest, interest in mathematics, almost opens a door to the treasure house of knowledge. Next, it depends on ability. In addition to interest, if the student is born with extraordinary understanding and calculation ability of mathematics, he must be a gifted type, which requires parents and teachers to cultivate and treat him well. To treat a student with a talent in mathematics, you must start to tap this specialty from an early age, take him to participate in more learning activities or practical activities in mathematics, and you should take part in more national competitions. For example, the controversial Mathematical Olympiad competition may be very difficult for ordinary students, but for talented students, it is a test of interest, but it is fun. It's better for students to go out and see the world. Parents can also take students to sign up for more training classes in thinking and logic, because the development of children's mathematical ability has a direct relationship with thinking and logic. If the sense of logic goes up, children's mathematical ability will go up to a higher level. Secondly, if a student has a talent in mathematics from an early age, there is another important method. Parents or teachers should take the child to contact professionals in mathematics and get professional guidance. Parents and teachers are usually not experts in a certain field, when children have a certain specialty, we can not achieve complete scientific training and teaching, then leave this difficult task to professionals to do. And it is also very important to learn from a famous teacher as early as possible. If you learn from a famous teacher from an early age, the child's mind will be greatly opened and he will be on the right track from an early age. It will also develop very well in the future. In a word, a child's talent and learning ability are very important. How to cultivate a child's talent, in the final analysis, still needs great investment and support in education, and parents'hard work and excavation. Cultivating a genius is absolutely not a matter of one's growth, but requires an educational environment, all educational resources are in place, and the people around him also have due support for the genius. I also hope that this five-year-old child on the Internet can grow up to be the next math prodigy like Wei Dongyi. Topic of the day: How do you think this child compares with Wei Dongyi? Return to Sohu to see more Look here! There's a lot of material here! Pay attention to me and take you to see the latest, most exciting, most interesting and most in-depth analysis of educational hot spots! This article picture originates from the network, if has the right infringement, please contact deletes. 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